New Member Promotion
We are currently running a new member promotion for a limited time only. The deal is a "two for the price of one" membership drive, whereby if two members sign up, they will only pay the price of one member.

This is a great way to get into golf for a great rate, or rediscover your love for the game! 

There are multiple categories under promotion and we have detailed the price that it would cost an individual in the rightmost column. This is comparable to the normal full price for a year for each category. The table is below:

 Category Normal Price 'Individual' Price
 Full Membership $1050.00 $525.00
 6 Day Membership $892.50 $446.25
 Midweek Membership $787.50 $393.75
 Intermediate Membership (30 - 35) $787.50 $393.75
 Intermediate Membership (24 - 29) $625.00 $312.50
Please note:

- This promotion is valid for new members only (or members who have been away from the club for an extended period of time and are looking to re-join). 
- The two members who are joining can join under different categories, they will simply pay the individual price that relates to each category. 
- This promotional membership will be valid from the day you sign up until the 31st of August 202

If you wish to sign up, please feel free to do so under our online membership form which can be found under the 'visitors' heading at the top of the page or contact the Pro Shop on (03) 349 7493  or email Tom through for more information.