Frost Policy

Templeton Golf Club has a frost policy in place to portect the course which ultimately allows more players to enjoy it as it should be played. The follow rules are set for the days specified:

Sunday to Friday:

- if there is a frost, no player is to set foot on the grass whether this be tee blocks, rough, fairways or the putting greens (including the practice green)
- play will commence at 10am at the latest on these days regardless of the remaining frost
- players booked in before 10am or before the frost clears will have their tee times cancelled and they will have to rebook; therefore booking in before 10am is doing so at your own risk.


- morning tee times will be cancelled in the event of a frost; players are obviously welcoem to rebook for the afternoon field  in the available times
- booked in morning players will be allowed to play 9 holes at 9.30am regarldess of the remaining frost if they so wish

Additional Information:

- carts can commonly be out of commission in winter due to soft ground with frosts complicating this also; if you do have a cart booked after a heavy frost and definitely need it, it is best to ring the shop ahead of time and ask if carts are in use on the day.