Frost Policy


- If there is a frost, no one is allowed on the grass whether it be the tees, fairways or greens

- Play will commence at 10am on these days regardless of the severity of the frost

- Players booked in before this time will have their tee-time cancelled and will be required to rebook if they still wish to play

- Those booking in before 10am are therefore doing so at their own risk


- 7.30am to 8.30am tee times will be cancelled if there is a frost. Booked in players will be permitted to play 9 holes of golf at 9.30am regardless of the severity of the remaining frost if they wish

- Morning players can (obviously) rebook for the afternoon if there are times available


- Carts may be out of action depending on the severity of the frost and underfoot conditions for the preservation of the course and grass