Membership / Green Fee Promotions

Membership Promotion

Bring a mate and get 20% off (More for larger groups!)

At Templeton Golf Club, we pride ourselves on the friendly and relaxed nature of members and staff alike. We believe a day out on the links with friends is a recipe for a great day regardless of the golf! As a reuslt, this year we are offering prospective new members the opportunity to save a bit of money and enjoy the exact experience we are speaking of above.

If you and a mate sign up, we are offering 20% of the price of your subscriptions, whether this is paid in full or on one of our easy weekly, forntihgtly or monthly payment plans! This is a great way to save and enjoy what Templeton Golf Club has to offer, all whilst alongside good friends!

For bigger groups of 4 people plus, additional savings can be had! So get your mates together and make the move to TGC and see what all the fuss is about firsthand.

Come and see the friendly staff seven days (John and Paul) in the pro shop to find out more, or contact Tom, our Members Services Officer Monday to Friday on (03) 349 7571 Ext 1 or on 

Member Get Member

Of course, we recognise that many of our members have friends and family that want to come and experience Templeton for themselves too! That's why we wanna help you out and offer 20% for anyone's subscriptions that you refer whilst you benefit with up to $50 of club credit to be used in the Pro Shop or Bar/Cafe. Sounds like a win-win to me. Contact any of our staff through the above means to find out more!

Head over to for more information on Membership and to see standard pricing.